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Grassy Rock Fish on Swimbait in Heavy Structure

I just love surf fishing. I fall asleep at night fantasizing about making a cast. The wind blows a bow in my line, draping it around a reef boiler. I keep my line tight and the 5" texas rig rib bait moving, slowly dragging on the bottom. As my bait enters the most "hazardous" looking zone a sea monster attacks my soft plastic lure and bites down with full force to prevent it from escaping its grasp. I sense the awkward tug at the tip of my 9'6" North Coast and high stick that fish to the moon!

The next morning, I grab my stuff and jump in the whip. Head straight for the beach. Every second counts. I want to get my bait in the water. Find parking. Gear up. Walk.

Once on the beach, eyes are busy. Observing structure and reading water, conditions. What the move? In this episode of VINCE GOES FISHING, I tried a heavy weight drop shot rig with a 7" Fluke. I just wanted to bomb that off the point, into the thickets part of the reef. Drape it over some kelp and bounce it on bottom. See what happens. Later, I went back to my trusty weedless Texas Rig, and this time I am experimenting with a Prototype Battlestar XLS Weighted Swimbait Hook which I made at home. It really perfoms! This is the most snagless, weedless swimbait I've ever fished. And I know I will probably get the hooksets because it's a soft PVC plastic rib bait, and I bury the hook tip under one or two of the tiny ribs to protect the hook tip and keep it weedless. When it gets bit, the hook tip is already exposed. The ribs break easily so nothing is preventing a hookset. Try it for yourself! try the Battlestar XLS Weighted Swimbait Hook.

If you recognize the spot, please don’t mention it in the comments. Keep it in a private message between you and your fishing buddies. This is our opportunity to create balance and develop friendships based on trust and respect.


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