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My PB 16" Barred Surf Perch

Every once in a while, the Surf Perch fishermen of San Luis Obispo County catch a truly LARGE Barred Surf Perch. I'm talking about the 16" class... That is really approaching the world record of 19.5", and it's really very exciting. Most of the avid perch fishermen I know have caught one of these little beasts. They are so big that when you hold one in your hand it really seems like a totally different species. When I hooked this fish it literally jumped out of the water and fought like a large-mouth bass. It was so incredibly heavy. I was really grateful to catch this fish, and I'm even more grateful that I get to watch the video in the future, and share it with you! I caught it on a Blurple FlipFlop N'Socks Paddle Tail which you can order online at

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