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New signature color! Yellow Head Blue Stardine @Mikestacklebox

Michael Labucay of @MikesTackleBox holding a 37" Striped Bass he caught on his signature color pattern of the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait.
Michael Labucay of @MikesTackleBox holding a 37" Striped Bass he caught on his signature color pattern of the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait.

Battlestar Tackle released Mike’s signature color this week, YELLOW HEAD BLUE STARDINE, and the very next day, Mike caught a 37” Striped Bass on his own bait! How cool, right?

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Here is the full story. Mike was one of the first fishermen to discover the power of the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait in 2021 which is when he started fishing with the lure and tagging #BattlestarTackle on all of his Instagram posts. Battlestar noticed! Mike proceeded to advocate the bait and make many YouTube videos to show us how he fishes the lure and the many fish he catches. Soon, Battlestar realized they had a real star on their hands; Mike!

In 2023, Battlestar Tackle made some improvements to the lure including a thicker, stronger body, and stronger hooks. Mike loves the new version of the bait, and he had one request. He asked if we would paint the head of our Blue Sardine a yellow color on the gill plates. He has been painting the head of his sardines yellow and is convinced that it catches more fish this way. So Battlestar Tackle decided to do something special for Mike. We made a new color pattern, this one with a yellow head, black stars down the side, and a logo to promote Youtube/MikesTackleBox on the back of the bait. It is called the “Yellow Head Blue Stardine @MikesTackleBox”. This is Mike's own signature color! We hope it will be a great promo for Mike’s YouTube channel.

Ask your local tackle shop for this bait! Buy two! One to fish with, and one to keep as a collector item!

As soon as the first shipment arrived, we dropped a dozen in the mail for Mike. He received the package, upgraded the hooks with Battlestar 3X Replacement Trebles, and then went fishing for striped bass the very next morning. He quickly caught a 24” Striped Bass, and some nice Surf Perch, and then bamb! A 37” Striped Bass! What a trophy! As Mike tells the story: "What a Debut for the @battlestartackle Yellow Head Blue Stardine. A lot of testing and development has gone into perfecting it. I woke up super late and called an audible. Such a phenomenal session with a 24” zebra in the morning and nailed some huge Slab Red Tail as well as a Barred. The topper was this 37” momma which was the icing on the “Surf Cake”. Battlestar 3x hooks stood up to it all. Definitely caught and released with this queen. Well, all the hard work and experience finally paid off 🙏. So many to thank @battlestartackle@vincegoesfishing for having the ultimate faith in my abilities. Thank all of you for having my back I truly do appreciate all of you. Promo code: Mikestacklebox

Youtube 📸 :mikestacklebox Like and subscribe as always!!"

Mike continues to create entertaining YouTube videos that teach us how to catch fish in the surf with the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait.

This color is now on its way to a tackle shop near you! Be sure to ask your local tackle shop for Battlestar Tackle, and support your favorite Youtube creators. Subscribe on YouTube and leave a comment to thank Mike for all he does to help us!

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Oct 08, 2023

Congratulations Mike!

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