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Silver Sardine, Back In Stock Now!

Ever since the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait hit shelves in 2020, the "Silver Sardine" has been a favorite color for many. This bait quickly became the most popular jerkbait used for saltwater surf fishing in California. And for good reason, just look at all these epic catches on the Battlestar Tackle Instagram Account!

Sadly this color was sold out for about 1 month in the summer of 2023. It was a grueling 4 weeks, but the wait is over! The Battlestar 115 Jerkbait, in Silver Sardine color back in stock and now shipping! And that's not all! In the constant pursuit of perfection, Battlestar Tackle Co has announced the release of this improved version! The polishing process has been improved to make the plastic thicker all the way around the bait, so the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait is now stronger than ever! What's more? Battlestar Tackle has announced that all Battlestar 115 Jerkbaits now come stock with Battlestar 2X strong hooks! These high-quality, high-carbon, razor-sharp hooks are lightweight so they do not affect the action of the lure.

This bait is stronger than ever, and now the hooks are stronger than any other bait in its class! See for yourself! Save 10%, use code "CSF" when you order the new Battlestar 115 Jerkbait at


Eric’s Tackle, Ventura

Hook Line Sinker, Santa Barbara

The Outdoorsman, Arroyo Grande

Bob Sands Tackle, Van Nuys

Hyun’s Tackle Shop, Ventura

Blue Water Hunter, Santa Barbara

New Coastside Bait & Tackle, Pacifica

Bayside Marine, Santa Cruz

Central Coast Kayaks, Pismo Beach

SluggFishing Tackle Shop, Poway

Anglers Tackle, Vista

Bob’s Bait Bucket, Bakersfield

Jim’s Pro Bass, Paso Robles

Bodega Tackle, Petaluma

Coyote Bait & Tackle, Coyote

Johnny's Sport Shop, Pasadena

Ask your local tackle shop for Battlestar Tackle!

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