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Winter Heat Wave. 2 Days Fishing with Friends.

If you recognize the spot, please don’t mention it in the comments. Keep it in a private message between you and your fishing buddies. This is our opportunity to create balance and develop friendships based on trust and respect. Had a great time this weekend. The sun was high. It was warm as can be for winter, and you know those winter heat waves get me focused on surf fishing! First I fished in Santa Barbara with Alex Stefanov. It was great. We caught some nice fish. The next morning at sunrise I jammed down from Santa Barbara to Ventura to join Jason Hill and Austin Lee to try for striped bass at high tide. Jason got it done! Afterward, Jason followed me back to Santa Barbara and we tried for halibut and caught a bunch of big grassy Rockfish along the way. It was a weekend packed with fishing and catching. Ahhh, this is California Surf Fishing life!


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