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SAT, MAY 14 2022


Coral Sea Sport Fishing Boat, Santa Barbara, CA

At 6am on May 14, 2022 the members of California Surf Fishing (CSF) group will be meeting at Sea Landing in Santa Barbara to board the Coral Sea boat for a day of sport fishing, targeting giant White Sea Bass, Rock Fish, Ling Cod, and more.  This is the first official Meet/Greet/Fish event organized by California Surf Fishing (CSF) group ever! Let's make it a hoot! 

We are calling this event "BLESS THE CREW" which is exactly what we intend to do. Bring plenty of tip money to thank the crew for all their hard work. For everything they do to put us on the fish! We will also try and get a raffle going, and CSF merch, and Battlestar Tackle products for sale on the boat, and a % will go straight to the crew!

The crew on this boat work really hard! They leave the house when it’s still dark outside and don’t get home until late, just to do it all over again the next day. They are on their feet all day scooping your bait, tying your knots, gaffing your fish, filleting your fish, getting stuck by fish spines, finding the fish and putting you on them so you can have fun, take pics, make the memories. Then they clean the boat, gas the boat, repair the boat. They have to deal with Fish & Wildlife, politics... it's a lot of hard work to get you out there to have a good time! Let's say thank you! Let's BLESS THE CREW!

We (Alan Jones & Vincent Alexander) came up with this idea for a CSF fishing event on the Coral Sea, right around thanksgiving 2021, so in the spirit of thanks and giving, we want to say thanks to our favorite crew on our favorite boat and really give back this time. We’re calling it “BLESS THE CREW”. Let’s pay them back for all the hard work they do to provide us with the best times of our life. Tip the crew, buy raffle tickets to win give aways, buy merch. Take photos and share on social media to spread the love. We're gonna give all we can back to the crew on this day!

So come on CSF members! Let’s go catch a giant White Sea Bass and a limit of rock fish, some ling cod, and who knows what else!? Are you ready? Let's go, BLESS THE CREW!  


With only 25 spots, it was bound to sell out. All 25 tickets sold out fast!

Bring your own rod & reel capable of 300yd line capacity, or rent one from the boat. Bring some 8oz, and 12oz weights (we recommend 2 of each). The boat will have plenty of hooks and bait on board. Dress in layers so you can stay warm or peel down to stay cool. A windbreaker is highly recommended. Remember to take your Dramamine pills the night before and again 1 hour before boarding the boat. This boat has some of the best food you've ever tasted so bring plenty of money for food, beer, and especially tips! Cuz we are going to BLESS THE CREW! 


martin, Deck Hand, Coral Sea, Santa Barbara


David Siordia, Deck Hand, Coral Sea, Santa Barbara


Eric, Deck Hand, Coral Sea, Santa Barbara


Tyler, Deck Hand, Coral Sea, Santa Barbara


Raffa, Deck Hand, Coral Sea, Santa Barbara


After you book your ticket, fill out this form, to let CSF know who is attending!

Thanks for joining us! See you on the boat!

Listen to this!

Check this out, guys! It's a Podcast with the owners of Coral Sea / Sea Landing Management - The same boat we will be doing our #BLESSTHECREW event on Saturday! (WEATHER PERMITTING) Listen to this podcast, it's really cool to hear what Jason and Jaime Diamond have to say about fishing off the Coral Sea and Stardust out of Santa Barbara!

Episode 18 - Jason & Jaime Diamond from Santa Barbara Landing

Update 5/19/22!

What a great time we had! We raffled off a bunch of gear that was donated from Been There Caught That in Santa Maria, and Hook Linke & Sinker in Santa Barbara. We grinded a lot of delicious burritos and burgers. We caught lots of quality fish! Lingcod, rockfish, and even a big halibut! We all hung out, high-fived, and got to know each other a little better, on the real-life side of the screen. Thank you all for bringing your kindness, warmth, and gentleness aboard the Coral Sea to create an environment everyone could enjoy. I went ahead and shot video the entire day and edited it up for you. I do feel a bit sad for all the members of CSF who wanted to go, but simply could not score a ticket, but rest assured we will do this many more times in the future.

Enjoy the video!

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