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This fundraiser ended on 2-25-22

Daniel Navarro holding a Halibut he caught on the Ventura Pier
Daniel Navarro holding a corbina he caught on the ventura pier
Daniel Navarro surf fishing
Daniel Navarro's broken rod tip
Daniel Navarro's old rod with electrical tape holding the reel on

Let's all donate some money to buy Daniel Navarro a new Rod and Reel for surf fishing!

Daniel is one of the most dedicated fishermen I've ever met. He often starts fishing before sunrise and continues until after sunset.

He's also one of the gentlest, kindest humans I've ever met. Fishing with him is such a relaxing delight because he is so pumped to fish and catch something, and yet so calm, generous, and I find him pleasant to be around.

Today I saw what Daniel has been fishing with. It is an old rod and reel that are falling apart and not really suitable for surf fishing. When I saw it, I immediately wanted to give him one of my own combos, but low and behold, I don't even currently have a working combo myself at the moment.

After I left the beach, Daniel caught a 26” halibut! But it snapped the tip of his rod as he was landing the fish!

Daniel hasn’t worked in 6 months, so he’s been fishing hard for his mental health until a new

job works out. With such limited funds, he’s been able to buy waders and boots so he can fish long hours, but he hasn’t been able to purchase a new rod and reel yet. Let’s do it for him!

This will be fun to see him post pictures of all the fish he catches this year, and YOU can be a part of this!

All we need is $250 to get Daniel a new combo for the surf. Please donate as much as you feel best about giving to support this cause. When we reach our goal I will use the money to buy a nice new surf rod and reel for Daniel. 

This will be exciting for all of us! We'll get to see Daniel receive his new combo, and post pictures of the fish he catches using it!

Thank you Daniel for inspiring us! And thank YOU for pitching in!


This fundraiser ended on 2-25-22

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the fundraiser to get Daniel Navarro a new rod and reel for surf fishing!

We exceeded our goal of $250 and now have $400! We're gonna shower Daniel with everything he needs to hit the surf hard, like a pro!

First, we put in an order for a Daiwa North Coast 9'6" MHFS. This is my favorite surf rod for big fish and heavy structure. He's gonna love it and it ought to last a long long time. I'll be picking that up from the local tackle shop (HOOK LINE & SINKER, Santa Barbara) next week.

Then, we ordered a Daiwa Fuego 4000 LT. It is Magsealed to prevent water, salt, sand from getting inside. I love these reels. Very lightweight. It holds 280yd or 20# braid. My favorite reel so far, so I know Daniel will slay a lot of monsters with it.

Then, we ordered a 1500yd spool of 30# braid. Reaction Tackle brand, in Camo Green.

Next, I am going to order a bunch of Keitech 4.8 Fat, and Rage Swimmer 4.75" swimbaits, and also VMC Dropdead Hooks, and bullet weights, and bobber stoppers from TackleWarehouse. So he will be totally set to fish the best most snagless, most weedless swimbaits and, hooks!

Daniel will also receive a nice big stack of Battlestar Tackle 115 Jerkbaits in colors Sardine and Glow Chovy, at 50% off the regular price to support this event.

Once I get the rod, reel, and line in my hands, I'll meet Daniel on the beach so we can spool it all up and get it wet! I should have my new combo at the same time so we will fish together. Stay tuned to experience this exciting event on video! It will be an upcoming episode of Vince Goes Fishing.

Daniel will be set for a long time! This is gonna be fun to see the fish he catches, and to see the rod and reel in the photos! Watch for his fishing reports this year in our FB group California Surf Fishing (CSF)

Thank you again Daniel for inspiring us! And thank you donors for making this happen! Daniel is over the moon excited to get his hands on this new combo and baits!

Thank you for your donations! Rene Lopez, Andrew Marshall, Carson Spencer, John Gutiérrez, Catherine Griffin, Brett Luchini, Cliff Geddes, Ever Mendoza, Herbert Diaz, Austin Lee, Kerry Wilson, Cody Wilgus, Thomas Murray, Curtis Lum, John Reeb, Carlos Vega, Chayvon Merrill, Kevin Ramirez, UHearMe, Inc.

Also THANK YOU to Tyler May who has offered to give Daniel am 11' Penn Rod &n Reel for bait &n wait fishing with heavy weights. 

Also THANK YOU to Mark Kascle at BEEN THERE CAUGHT THAT, Santa Maria, who has offered to ship Daniel a box of metal jigs, another spool of braided line, and more goodies from his tackle shop!  

I want to say, this whole thing has been a lot of fun for many people! It's amazing how much you can do for others just by letting them do for you! 

Thanks again everyone! <3 
-Vincent Alexander

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Check out Daniel's Surf Fishing Reports right HERE in the California Surf Fishing (CSF) group on Facebook!

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