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Battlestar Tackle Release 2X and 3X Replacement Treble Hooks

Sept 2023, Battlestar Tackle has released a few new products, including 2X and 3X Replacement Trebles for the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait. Also, Mini Split Ring Pliers, a tool used for changing hooks. Here's the story. In the Spring of 2023, following record rains, there was a massive invasion of 16-24 inch Striped Bass, washed out of the freshwater rivers and brackish estuaries, into the California surf. Battlestar Tackle had just released the new color pattern, Glow Pink Stardine @MimiFishFish. The striped bass could not get enough of this color. Fishing was a blast!

With more Striped Bass biting than ever before, we noticed an increase in the number of bent hooks. We wondered why striped bass seem to be the only species that can bend hooks like that, even when our drags are set very loose. A theory was proposed. Perhaps striped bass sometimes get hooked in the mouth with one treble hook, and then the other two treble hooks are foul-hooked on the outside of the fish, near its gill plate and/or upper body. If you have caught a lot of striped bass on jerkbaits, than you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. If a Striped Bass was foul hooked on the outside of its body in such a way, it could have leverage to possibly bend out hooks when it shakes its head side to side. Anyone who has ever held a freshly caught striped bass in their hands knows how thick and powerful these fish are.

So what can we do about a fish that is foul-hooked, shaking its head, using its thick muscular body to pull out hooks? We upgraded the hooks on the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait. The bait now comes new out of the box featuring Battlestar 2X STRONG treble hooks. These are super duper-strong hooks. You can land anything with these hooks. They are light weight so the bait maintains it's awesome swimming action.

If you ever want stronger hooks on your Battlestar 115, for that extra peace of mind when targetting trophy White Sea Bass, Striped Bass, or California Halibut, then you can use the new Battlestar 3X Replacement Treble Hooks. These hooks are stronger than you will ever need them to be and also lightweight. They are balanced just so, as to allow the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait to maintain a slow floating action when paused.

Remember, always keep your drag set loose when fishing with a Jerkbait. Once you know the hook is good and set, then just back off a little and maintain consistent medium pressure the whole way in. That's the way to land any fish on a jerkbait. See how this technique is demonstrated in a Hook2Cook video on YouTube (6 Mistakes New Surf Anglers Make), starting at 17:10.

The Battlestar Replacement Treble Hooks are Size #4, and they come in a pack of 12 pieces.

These hooks are made with high-carbon steel. They have a silver color finish. They are SHARP! So be careful! To prevent malforming the split rings, always use Mini Split Ring Pliers to change your hooks. Battlestar Tackle also released their Mini Split Ring Pliers, "perfect for changing hooks on jerkbaits."

What I like most about these split ring pliers is that they force you to use the tip of the jaws, which prevents malforming the split rings. I also find the line cutters convenient when I am rigging up at home the night before.

  • Size: 5"

  • Mini split ring opener jaws.

  • Stainless steel construction.

  • Spring-loaded handles & lock guard.

  • Serrated cutting edge for braided line, mono, and thin wire.

"Use these pliers at home to change, replace, or upgrade your treble hooks before you head to the beach. Pack light, and always fish with new, razor-sharp hooks."


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