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Kayak Fishing Port San Luis with Toui Keonoi

So I finally launched my Kayak for the first time since moving to San Luis Obispo. Toui invited me to go drop for rockfish, and lingcod, and try our luck at halibut.

I spent the whole afternoon preparing my yak, baits, supplies, etc... and then the next morning while it was still dark outside, I loaded the yak in the back of my van and headed for Avila Bay (Port San Luis). We carried our yaks down onto the dock and shoved off. I immediately dropped down a frozen anchovy and dragged that behind me as we rowed for the next hour or so to get out of the harbor. When we reached the break wall I snagged that rig on bottom and had to break off. So I rigged up another halibut rig, and dropped it back down as we rowed and drifted about a half mile out past the break wall.

I kept looking at my Navionics apps to identify any rock piles and sandy edges along side the rocks. I kept rowing to try and get on top of these spots, but the current was strong, so I was rowing past the spot, dropping down, then drifting through. We didn't catch any halibut. We did get on a hot rockfish bite! And Toui landed two lingcod. I was surprised that the rockfish were going crazy for a big jacksmelt that I had trap rigged. Later in the day, a seal jumped over the back of my boat, about 12" away from my head. He actually smacked my yak so hard with his tail that I nearly got knocked off. I got completely drenched with water. It was a lot like getting wiped out by a wave. After that experience, I decided I do not want to kayak outside of the bay anymore. Maybe not inside the bay either... This year I have seen huge great white sharks almost every day when I walk out on the pier. There are SO MANY of them. I'm really lucky I got hit by a seal and not a mature White Shark.

So this was the first and probably the last time I will kayak outside of the harbor at port san luis. I may do some inshore kayaking to access beaches that are otherwise inaccessible, so I can do some shore fishing on beaches that no one else has access to. But I think I've had enough of this kayak fishing stuff. It's too much investment of time and energy, too much risk, not enough reward. Not to mention, I feel like puking the entire time, I can't enjoy myself out there. I'd rather be catching rockfish from shore on swimbaits or squid. Honestly, I'd rather go golfing than get on a boat... and I don't even like golfing.

But I am grateful for the memories I have made on that yak. I hope I can still have some positive experiences on it in the future.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and subscribe on YouTube to Toui’s channel Flip FlopsN’ Socks. Toui shoots video and streams live every time he goes fishing. He’s my fishing mentor up here in SLO, teaching me how to catch surf perch in the surf, and ling cod, rockfish, and halibut, on the kayak. He also makes some of the most popular perch baits in this area, so you can contact him to get stocked up.


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