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Team Battlestar Updates Nov 2023

Welcome to our first Team Battlestar Blog post! We're gonna make a new post once in a while to share some of the creative ways our team members have decided to help promote Battlestar Tackle. @DieHardFishing

Adam from @DieHardFishing saw all the Battlestar Buzz on social media and decided he had to check it out for himself. So he created this YouTube video to test and review the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait. Thank you Adam! This is a great way for anyone to start creating content featuring Battlestar Tackle, as they apply to join Team Battlestar Tackle. Make a product review video!


Edward from @Hook2Cook recently went perch fishing with the Battlestar 115, Glow White Sardine. He then took his GoPro footage and made a short video and posted it as a reel on his Instagram account. Way to go Edward! This is a great way to work toward your qualifications for Team Battlestar. If you have a lot of footage of fishing with a Battlestar Tackle product, go back into that footage and make a bunch of short videos to post on your channel. If you don't already have the footage, then get out there and do some fishing! 😃

Hook2Cook featured the Battlestar Tackle Glow White Sardine on a recent Instagram Reel..


Martin from @ManseraOutdoors has come up with a great idea! He decided to do a personal challenge. He has challenged himself to catch at least one fish on every color of the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait. Great idea Martin! Martin is featuring all of these catches on YouTube and Instagram. Here is the thumbnail for a video featuring the Glow Pink Stardine in October, 2023. A personal challenge like this is a great theme, and we want to encourage all of our team members to consider doing the same thing.

ManseraOutdoors is doing a Battlestar Tackle personal challenge to catch a fish on every color of the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait.


At Battlestar Tackle, we are always looking for ways to help our team members grow their audience, channels, and fishing careers. As an added benefit for our team members, each will be added to our @BattlestarTackle Instagram highlights, which means they will be featured right at the top of our Instagram account. Check it out!

BattlestarTackle Instagram Highlights


Special offer for our #TeamBattlestarTackle members. We are now testing a saltwater-tolerant version of our Battlestar Tackle Mini Split Ring pliers.

We want you to clip one of these bad boys on your chest pack or fishing jacket, then get out there and put it to the test! Then, report back to us on how it performs. We are offering our #TeamBattlestarTackle members 50% off on this product (while supplies last), to help us test the heck out of it. If you want to take advantage of this, simply Contact Us, and ask for it. If we have any left, we'll send you a link to pay the 50% + Tax & Shipping. Thanks for your help!


Want to join #TeamBattlestarTackle?

To qualify for the team you simply need to catch 10 quality fish on Battlestar Tackle baits, and make an individual post to celebrate each catch on Instagram, Youtube, or the channels of your choice. Once you have published all 10 posts, then apply to join the team. Learn more here.


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