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Catching Surf Perch with Toui Keonoi

Hey guys, if you haven’t already, go ahead and subscribe on YouTube to Toui’s channel Flip FlopsN’ Socks. Toui shoots video and streams live every time he goes fishing. He’s my fishing mentor up here in SLO, teaching me how to catch surf perch in the surf, and ling cod, rockfish, and halibut, on the kayak. He also makes some of the most popular perch baits in this area, so you can contact him to get stocked up.

Today you see one of my first experiences learning to catch Barred Surf Perch. In a strange way, I find these buggers the trickiest. The hardest to find, and the hardest to keep on the hook once they bite. Also, the hardest to motivate my self to go fishing for. I do not particularly enjoy fishing these wide open sandy beaches with big waves, wind, and not much to look at in terms of rocks and kelp and crabs and such. I find it kind of boring and uncomfortable. But don't get me wrong, perch fishing is surprisingly fun with delicious rewards. So there's a budding surf perch fisherman inside of me. I've got a lot of learning to do. Thankfully I fish with some of the best perch fishermen in San Luis Obispo, so now all I gotta so is pay attention and practice! Challenge accepted.


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