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Don’t fish water that looks like this!

I learned something new today. When the water looks this reddish brown like tea, go back to your car and drive to another beach. The fish probably won’t be biting. My friend Ed from @Hook2Cook says: “Algae bloom. Warm water and lots of nutrients in the water. Might be a couple of weeks.” And my friend Cody Wilgus, a member of the California Surf Fishing (CSF) group on Facebook says: “I’m not a marine biologist but if it’s algae making the water off color that could be from upwelling or ag runoff providing an influx of nutrients, that’ll drive a bloom. increases in temperature could do it too.” Well, whatever causes it, I won’t fish it anymore. I’ll drive to another beach many miles away and look for healthy water. Or, just go do something else and wait till the water clears up.

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