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Fishing off a 70 foot cliff for 6 hours

Waves are tiny so I’m hitting the rocky beaches. The bite was fire! I must have got 20+ bites, hooked at least a dozen. Only landed 3. The fish kept burying under rocks or popping off at the surface or when I tried to haul them up the cliff. I learned a lot. Im gonna try heavier braid like 65lb instead of 50lb, when fishing on cliffs. Also, keep the rod in hand, ready to react to a bite because on such a tall cliff there is a ton of line bowing in the wind, and that costs you even more reaction time, and that’s how they end up under rocks. So when you’re up really high, you’ve got to react sooner than later. Also, I may go back to using a mono leader instead of straight braid. And I learned a way to improve the way I bait my hook! I’ll share that tip in an upcoming video. Enjoy the show!

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