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FlipFlop N'Socks Perch Baits Now At

Toui Keonoi has always had a reputation as a surf perch slayer, so it was no surprise when he won the 2022 Surf Perch Roundup in Santa Maria, CA. Toui's personal bait creation is called FlipFlop N'Socks Perch Baits. They primarily come in two most important colors. Motor Oil, which is preferred in clear water conditions, and also Blurple which is generally saved for murky water conditions but will also work in clear water conditions. All the local perch slayers in San Luis Obispo fish with FlipFlop's. Almost all of the local personal best Barred Surf Perch, including many 16"ers, have been caught on these baits. These 2" soft plastic paddle tail perch grubs are now available at


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