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MimiFISHFISH Glow Pink Stardine, Battlestar 115

It's all the rage in the surf this year. Everyone is catching fish on the Glow Pink Stardine aka "MimiFishFish". So what is this lure? What's the story with the name, and the unusual design which includes stars down the side? And where can I get one? The Battlestar 115 Jerkbait is a long skinny hard bait featuring three #4 size saltwater hooks. It weighs 3/4oz, which is slightly heavier than it's comparable competitors. It casts a mile! It rattles. It dives 3-4 feet, and probably the most distinct quality; it slowly floats.

This lure is designed and produced by Vincent Alexander of As the story goes, Vincent was inspired by his buddy Ilya Seltser and fishing mentor David Siordia, to start fishing Jerkbaits in 2020, but his jerkbaits were sinking, and as a result, they were snagging! He needed a similar jerkbait, but one that floated. So he created it! Once Vince shared videos of himself catching tons of fish on this lure on YouTube and Facebook, the rest was history. Now everyone wants them, and everyone is catching fish on them.

So what's the story behind this specific color pattern called MimiFishFish, Glow Pink Stardine?

In the Fall of 2022, Vince went fishing at Point Parisma at Vandenburg Space Force Base with a group of friends including Edward from Hook2Cook, Monica, and Leroy Reporogle from PapaLeroyCooks, and also Mimi from MimiFishFish along with her mom, dad, and dog Cabezon. They all enjoyed a great day of fishing and along the way, Vincent suggested that if Mimi would design a color pattern for the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait, then he would release it as a promo for her YouTube Channel. The following spring, this color pattern was released as a limited run of just 300 baits. The lure sold like hotcakes!

The heavy winter rains washed an abundance of striped bass out of the freshwater estuaries all along ca coast, the suddenly the surf zone was loaded with striped bass. People immediately started throwing the Glow Pink Stardine at them, and the fishing reports started flooding in! It created a massive buzz around this specific bait color, and within a couple of months, all 300 lures were sold out. People were demanding more! So Battlestar Tackle decided to make this a permanent addition to the catalog.

On July 20, 2023, Battlestar re-released the bait for sale on their website at and now YOU can own one too! This bait is a must-have. As a piece of arsenal in your tackle box, or as a collector's item. Find them at your local tackle shop, or right here!

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