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  • 115mm
  • 3/4oz
  • Dives 3-4'
  • Super Long Casting
  • Slow Floating 
  • Rattling
  • Realistic Pattern
  • Micro Coated
  • Now with Improved Body Strength!
  • Now comes stock with Battlestar 2X Strong Hooks!


The greatest advantage of the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait is the slow-floating behavior which allows you to fish a jerk bait slower than ever, and pause on the retrieve to navigate your bait over snaggy structure. 

The quality of the Battlestar 115 is comparable to the Lucky Craft. In our tests, we found that the Battlestar and Lucky Craft 115 cast the same distance, and last just as long after many hours of use. The paint chips at about the same rate.

I put the Battlestar 115 to the test, ripping it out of snags, bouncing it off rocks, and hauling in trophy fish. After many many hours of use, the same bait is still cranking, balanced, and catching! It's a bait built to last, and to catch!

The moment I tied this bait on I immediately landed a White Sea Bass, a Calico, and two slab Perch all within 20 minutes of each other. Over the next week, I went on to catch 14 Halibut, another White Sea Bass, a Leopard shark, and four giant Jack Smelt. Everything wants to eat this sardine pattern Jerkbait.

It wobbles with the perfect action and can be fished at practically any speed. Burn it in if you want to try a fast retrieve. Or take advantage of the unique slow floating design which allows you to retrieve ultra-slowly. At a slow steady pace, the BS115 wobbles with excellent action. I encourage you to slow it down even more! Pause and tiny-twitch for an irresistible slow presentation. They slam it on the pause and tiny-twitch! Or, pause and count to 3 or 4 when working it over shallow snaggy structure or bottoms dirty with weed.

That makes it the perfect all-around jerkbait for surfcasting in any kind of structure, even the snaggiest rockiest bottoms. It's my new favorite bait in the surf. 

In terms of value, the Battlestar 115 has the Lucky Craft beat. Saving a few bucks on a bait means that you can afford to buy more baits, which means when you lose one, you'll always have another to tie on and get back to fishing immediately.

UPDATE AUG 2023 - In the constant pursuit of perfection, Battlestar Tackle Co has announced the release of this improved version! The polishing process has been improved to make the plastic thicker all the way around the bait, so the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait is now stronger than ever!

What's more? Battlestar Tackle has announced that all Battlestar 115 Jerkbaits now come stock with Battlestar 2X strong hooks! These high-quality, high-carbon, razor-sharp hooks are lightweight so they do not affect the action of the lure.

This bait is stronger than ever, and now the hooks are stronger than any other bait in its class!


See the Battlestar 115 in action on YouTube:

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Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Battlestar 115 Jerkbait

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