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• Made from 550 Paracord

• 100% nylon sheath with 7 type III twisted inner strands

• Black Color

• 84" Long


I got sick and tired of my wader boot laces constantly breaking! I had the hardest time finding heavy-duty laces that actually hold up in the surf.

Problem solved! Introducing Battlestar Paracord Heavy Duty Wader Boot Laces made from 550 paracord. 

I tested these personally. After two months and about 30 uses, they were still holding strong! These are the best wader laces I've ever used. I sent them to friends to test and they love them too.


Even after the outer sheath breaks the inner cords still hold them together and they still work perfectly fine. So in any event they certainly won’t leave you with a floppy loose boot out there on the sand.

Not only are they durable, but I find that they are also easy to manage. I can easily loosen my boot laces to clean out my boots or insert my foot, and then re-tighten them down nice and snug to keep sand out. I can even untie them when my fingers are frozen cold, and they stay tied while I am fishing with a simple double bow knot.

Don't let your whole session get cut short due to broken boot laces. Keep an extra pair in your car at all times!


Sold as a pair. 




Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Battlestar Paracord Heavy Duty Wader Boot Laces

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