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Rock Fishing North Vandenberg Base with @Hook2Cook, @papaleroycookS,@MimiFishFISH

I learned so much in this episode! And so many first experiences. The beach was beautiful. And it was X many times better because these memories were made in good company. Thank you, Monica, Leroy, Ed, Mimi Fish Fish, Cabezon, Amy, and Richard. Fishing Vandenberg Base for the first time ever with you guys was like heaven!

In this video, you will see me problem-solve how to hook squid onto a bait hook so you get better hooksets and land more fish. It really works! This is one of the greatest contributions that I will make sure the fishing community in my lifetime I'm sure, so please enjoy this tip. I'm actually still working on perfecting the technique and I will continue to share short videos on YouTube as I perfect the technique, which I now call "weaving the bait". Check it out.

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