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Striped Bass Fishing in Ventura, CA

May 25th, 2021, when I was living in Ventura, CA. After an unfruitful sunrise session targeting halibut, I noticed conditions looked good to try for a Striped Bass. So I headed to the beach, geared up, and started slugging. The water was incredibly dirty, but the clarity was good. Waves were average, and the wind was rough. The tide was king, and gonna hit 6.5 high. I was prepared to fish from 6pm-9pm with jackets and warm gloves. I got a mega-hard bite and set the hook so hard that it must have torn the bait right out of the fish's mouth. So I knew there had to be some stripers around. I kept casting. Bamb! Hooked up just a few feet from shore! Enjoy the show guys! Any questions? Put them in the comments! If you like my videos and want to support them, please enjoy products from Battlestar Tackle and California Surf Fishing (CSF) merchandise. Thank you!

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