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Teaching Sarah Jean How To Texas Rig for Halibut

I'll let you in on a juicy secret. I love this chick. She's just got such a damn cool personality. She's super down to earth. She swears like a saint from hell. She loves to have fun, and she loves to fish. She's hot as hell. I really enjoy hanging out, being silly, and watching her fish.

Meet Sarah Jean. This girl is a legend in the saltwater fishing community. She also tears up the largemouth bass in freshwater lakes, which you may see in this previous episode of Vince Goes Fishing.

Sarah has been following Vince Goes Fishing since the beginning. She saw me learn how to catch halibut in the surf. She saw that I got really good at it, and I was catching tons of them. So she asked if I would take her out and show her how to fish Texas rig. Texas rig is the most weedless rig, but the way I do it also makes it the most snagless rig. And the baits that I use, and the way that I hook them, ensure that I don't lose hookset even though it's super weedless. The absolute best hook for this method is the Battlestar XLS hook. It has a long shank so the weight is positioned further back on the hook which makes it more snagless because of the way it sinks and swims through the water. The Xtra Long Shank also places the hook tip further back on the bait which is great for halibut fishing because halibut often short bite just the back half of the bait.

So on this day, Sarah catches her first halibut in a surf. Then my buddy Jason Hill joins us and we move beaches for some bait and wait, where Sarah proceeds to outfish us as usual. Then Sarah's rod stand falls over and her whole combo almost got washed away by a wave. Then Sarah gets wiped out by a wave which almost knocks her top off!

Sarah is starting her own brand of women's fishing apparel, so stay tuned for more info on that and I'll be sure to drop a link when she's ready.

Cast away your fears. Chase your dreams.


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