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Daniel Navarro Update!

As you may recall, last year we did a fundraiser to shower our member Daniel Navarro with new fishing rods, reels, braided line, lures, hooks, jigs, and terminal tackle, so he could continue pounding the sand and show us the fish he catches with the gear we bought him.

It’s really fun for all of us to see his fishing reports and the amazing fish he has caught over the last 12 months. Especially for those who donated $5 or $20 or whatever you gave. (THANK YOU!) It’s pretty rad to see his reports and feel that direct sense of connection to the fish he is catching and the joy he is sharing with us by posting his fishing reports in our surf fishing group on Facebook California Surf Fishing (CSF). It’s like the gift that keeps giving back!

Now, I want to share a few of Daniel's most recent reports, and invite you to click this link! You can see all of Daniel's Surf Fishing Reports with photos and the stories told in his own words! Enjoy!

May 30, 2023

Big thanks to honeybadgerbaits caught my biggest striper this year at 25”on his red osprey 3 inch bait on a 1/2 lead head! Ocean was little greenish color over cast skies kind of windy too but I kept going at it. For me the red has been working great! Casting with a slow med retrieve tap tap tap tighten my drag and fish was on!

Stoked on a SoCal fish!!!

Daiwa North Coast rod

Fuego 4000 reel

30 lb braid

Apr 14, 2023

It’s been a great week. On Tuesday hooked up a BSP that peeled out line on a 3in swim bait had me confused with something else. Went out on Thursday to find conditions were kind of ruff(super strong currents and big waves)pulling my line to left. Was casting a Carolina rig with the honeybadgerbaits super slayer 2.5 caught a couple BSP that took a whopping 4 hrs. Then I decided it was time to chuck the 3 in swim bait again on a lead head. Casting straight and to right was helping my line from moving to fast south. Felt some taps then my reel started screaming on the Fuego 4000! This time more aggressive head shakes. After several runs got it in my first SB this year! All fish released

NC Rod 9’6

Daiwa Fuego 4000

30 lb braid 15 lb mono top shot

Tactical clip

Aug 5, 2022

Super stoked today rolled out with Anthony Jordan Perez to the beach around 6:30am to 10:00. Weather was nice and calm small waves hardly any wind. Water temp was 66

Man we were throwing jerk baits,sand crabs and a swim bait. Anthony said 20 more mins so he casted out and I casted out one little sand crab. I set my rod in the holder and turn around and hear my drag spinning and rod bending! Man it was pulling hard I thought it was a white seabass (seen silver)then it comes in and I see stripes! It fought a good 15 min I made sure my drag was loose and Thanks to Anthony who went in the water to grab the fish then I went in too and put both hands in it’s mouth and the line busted at the right time!

I end up landing my Pb striper! 37” 20lbs

Couldn’t have done without the Daiwa North Coast rod 9’6

Fuego 4000 reel

15lb mono

30lb braid reaction backing

Size 4 owner bait holder hook

Rig dropper loop

Big thanks to all fishing community for making this happen!


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