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EP24 I Gave This 23" Halibut To A Stranger

Decided I had enough halibut in my freezer, but not enough on the end of my line. Usually, once I catch my limit, I stop fishing. I don't believe in catch-and-release. Why injure and kill fish for no good reason? If I am not fishing to feed myself, then I'd rather not fish at all. I'd rather sit back and watch my buddies fish or go do something else with my time. But in this episode, I had the fishing bug. I had to chase halibut, and I had this awesome idea. I wanted to catch a keeper and give it to someone who would really appreciate it. Ideally, a fisherman who was down on his luck that day. So that's exactly what I did. And it was a really cool experience. I discovered that I really enjoy giving fish away. In the following months, I gave away my PB halibut, my PB striped bass, and many more fish. The way I see it is... if there's a hole in my freezer, I got fishing work to do. Tis more blessed to give.


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