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Experimenting With Texas Rig Hook Set Technique For Halibut Fishing In The Surf

I started fishing texas rig in the surf because I was sick of wasting time pulling seaweed off my baits and sick of snagging rocks, and losing my baits. I found that the texas rig with lightweight and constant retrieve does the best job of avoiding snags. A few jerks of the rod tip will usually shake off the weed and keep my bait presentable in the strike zone. I started getting a lot more bites and catching a lot more fish! But I also found that I am missing a lot of hook sets, and losing fish halfway in. So it has become my obsession to perfect the texas rig. I am experimenting with bait design and hookset technique. THANK YOU Mohammed Miara for sending me a youtube link that explains a hookset technique I hadn't tried for halibut. Yesterday I gave it a try, along with my small swimbait and widegap hook, and had some success. I have many hundreds of hours of experimenting yet to conduct before I can average the results and conclude on the best bait design and hookset technique. I'll be sharing that adventure with you here on VINCE GOES FISHING. UPDATE - After years of experimentation (hundreds of hours and many many bites and landed fish) I DID find the best system for getting the best hooksets and landing the most halibut while avoiding snags and sliding through dirty water! I'm really very proud of this! It's an Xtra Long Shank weighted swimbait hooks with Rib Baits made of soft PVC.


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