1/4oz = 3 per pack

3/8oz = 2 per pack

1/2oz = 2 per pack

Black Oxidized. Non-Chip. Tungsten Worm Weights. The greatest advantage of tungsten is that tungsten is more dense than lead, so the same weight is smaller in size, which makes it more aerodynamic and cast further, and perform better in wind. 

I use these Tungsten Worm Weights for Texas rigging hollow slotted swimbaits when targetting halibut. I also catch White Sea Bass, Grass Bass, Sand Bass, Striped Bass, and the occasional Slab Barred Surf Perch, and even the occasional Corbina. I like to use a big hook to bait size ratio, to increase the odds of hookset. Halibut have no problem inhaling big baits and big hooks.

I usually start with a 1/8oz or 1/4oz weighted swimbait hook, and then add 1/8oz-1/4oz worm weight for a total of 1/4oz-1/2oz of lead. I like the way 3/8oz swims so slowly through the water and works in almost any conditions. You can swim it just off the bottom with a medium retrieve.  If the water is deep from my kayak, or if the current is really strong in the surf, then I might use as much as 5/8oz or 3/4oz lead. That's when I use the larger 1/2oz tungsten worm weight. Keep a couple of each size in your tackle box at all times so you can adapt to the conditions you observe while fishing.  



Cancer and Reproductive Harm



Battlestar Tungsten Worm Weights

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