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Catching My First Fish In San Luis Obispo

So, I moved to San Luis Obispo about 1 week ago. I've been scouting the beaches hard, with low-2-no bites! So I switched my style from swimbaits to bait-n-wait, and bamb! Hook up! I'm super excited to go fishing now! In this episode of VINCE GOES FISHING you witness my gradual discovery, not only of the beaches near my new home but also of the opportunities that this new-to-me surf fishery has to offer. Being fresh from Santa Barbara and Ventura for the last two years, at this time I still had halibut on the brain. The hard structure along the shores of San Luis Obispo will make any Halibut fisherman from south of Point Conception absolutely drewl. But so will the lack of bites... Nonetheless, seeing the luscious reef draped in neon green eelgrass, slathered in slippery kelp, and skadattering with sidewinder crabs, is enough to get any fisherman's bait wet. What I didn't yet realize is that the vast majority of the fish in this area that I want to target with swimbaits are smaller-sized grassy rockfish and cabezon. That's primarily what lives here, and that's what will be really fun to catch, casting and bouncing lightweight swimbaits through crevices in the reef and under ledges in the rocks. Smaller fish have smaller mouths, so the 5"Rib Baits will prove in later episodes to be a bit of a tall order for these small tails, and downsizing shall commence. Just what will I come up with?

The solution will be smaller swimbaits and squid. These are juicy ideas. Something fishy is brewing. I call it a Squimbait. Stay tuned!

If you recognize the spot, please don’t mention it in the comments. Keep it in a private message between you and your fishing buddies. This is our opportunity to create balance and develop friendships based on trust and respect.


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