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Striped Bass of all sizes have been witnessed 12 months out of the year as far south as San Diego! This was first observed about 30 years ago and it was kept a secret by local fishermen to protect the presence of these fish. I moved to Ventura in 2020, and soon discovered these fish for myself. I managed to catch about a dozen of them before moving further north to Santa Barbara in pursuit of Halibut.

VINCE GOES FISHING Caught a 32" Striped Bass in Ventura CA, in Spring 2021

After the record heavy rains of Spring 2023, San Luis Obispo and Ventura experienced a novel surge in population of these fish. The Stripers even started showing up in large numbers on beaches as far south as San Diego, almost always relating to areas within a few miles of freshwater outlets. So, while Striped Bass can be patterned seasonally in the surf to make contact with large schools of fish, now they can be caught 12 months out of the year, even during the slow seasons.


In 2023, a miraculous coincidence took place. Not only did the West Coast saltwater Striper Population explode further south than ever before, but Battlestar Tackle also released a new color of the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait, known as the Glow Pink Stardine @MimiFishFish. The color pattern was designed with the help of young YouTuber and fishing fanatic, MimiFishFish. It was released by Battlestar Tackle, to help to promote Mimi's YouTube channel. What no one could have predicted at that time, is that the surf would soon be swarming with a massive influx of Striped Bass, and this very color pattern would prove to be the hottest striped bass lure in the surf. There is something about that hot pink color, contrasting with a black back and white belly that Striped Bass simply cannot resist!

It started in March 2023. As soon as the water began to clear up after the rains, the fishing reports started flooding in daily on our Facebook group California Surf Fishing (CSF). Soon, everyone was fishing the @MimiFishFish Glow Pink Stardine, and it seemed like everyone was catching a ton of striped bass on this lure. It is now Feb 2024. The Striped Bass have not gone away. We have seen pictures and heard reports of these Striped Bass being caught all up and down the coast of California, with the most impressive uptick remaining in San Luis Obispo County.

This was phenomenal for me to witness personally as I moved to San Luis Obispo in 2021 and I personally never saw a single Striped Bass caught at Oceano that year, or in 2022. But after the rains of Spring 2023, it seemed that Striped Bass was all we were catching on that beach from May-Aug. With winter soon coming to an end, and considering the healthy amount of rainfall we are experiencing, everyone is anticipating another great year of Striped Bass fishing in the California Surf. The consensus is that these fish are here to stay and that we can expect an uptick in their numbers on any year that we see a good amount of rainfall. So with an even growing abundance of Striped Bass in CA waters, there's only one question remaining. Are you geared up and ready to catch these fish? To learn more about Striped Bass fishing in the California surf, check out this YouTube video I created in May 2023 when the Striped Bass were schooling in front of every freshwater outlet in San Luis Obispo. Get educated, make a plan, get geared up, and I'll see you on the sand!

You can purchase Battlestar 115 Jerkbait, Glow Pink Stardine @MimiFishFish at most any local tackle shop in California, or at


Eric’s Tackle, Ventura

Hook Line Sinker, Santa Barbara

The Outdoorsman, Arroyo Grande

Bob Sands Tackle, Van Nuys

Hyun’s Tackle Shop, Ventura

Blue Water Hunter, Santa Barbara

New Coastside Bait & Tackle, Pacifica

Bayside Marine, Santa Cruz

Central Coast Kayaks, Pismo Beach

Slugg Fishing, Poway

Anglers Tackle, Vista

Bob’s Bait Bucket, Bakersfield

Jim’s Pro Bass, Paso Robles

Bodega Tackle, Petaluma

Coyote Bait & Tackle, Coyote

Johnny's Sport Shop, Pasadena

Fish Story, Novato

Virg's Landing, Morro Bay

Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle, Oceanside

Cope's Tackle, Bakersfield

Fresno Bait & Tackle

Dana Landing, San Diego

Marina Bait & Tackle, Suisun City

Cosmos Sports, Los Angeles

Half Moon Bay Sportfishing and Tackle

East County Bait & Tackle, Lakeside

Turner's Outdoorsman, Signal Hill

Turner's Outdoorsman, Reseda

Turner's Outdoorsman, Fountain Valley

Turner's Outdoorsman, Torrance

Turner's Outdoorsman, Kearney Mesa

Turner's Outdoorsman, San Marcos

Turner's Outdoorsman, Oxnard

Turner's Outdoorsman, Santa Maria

Angler's Choice, San Diego

Santa Barbara Landing

RMI Outdoors, Eureka

Fisherman’s Access, Brea

Tackle Box, Salinas


Ask your local tackle shop for Battlestar Tackle!

Thanks for reading. Now get out there and catch some big Striped Bass!

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