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Striped Bass Fever, One Month, One Bite 32"

In this episode of Vince Goes Fishing, we’re gonna fish hard. We’re gonna get skunked, again and again. We’ll catch some fish along the way, and we’ll see some really cool things. But I’m telling you this... I am not going to stop fishing until I catch a BIG. STRIPED. BASS.

Last year my friend Ilya and I had some success with the striped bass. It was a thrilling experience! We’ll remember those moments forever. So in mid-winter, when fishing was really slow, I heard a few stripers had recently been caught somewhere in Ventura, and I knew I needed to get in on the action…

I know it’s a super long shot to catch a Striped Bass in Ventura, but I figured if I just targeted this species day-after-day at some point this year I’d probably get lucky.

I started by reading some articles online that basically told me to fish in low light conditions, look for baitfish, fish high current water, and to concentrate my fishing around freshwater inlets, and then finally… pray for a unicorn.

So I jumped on google maps satellite images and looked up every freshwater outlet I could find. I found there are a number of rivers, creeks, and various outlets all up and down the coast.

I spent January and February visiting all of these places just to scope them out at low tide, and see what they were made of. I found pretty much all of these spots attractive, and I wonder what would happen if I put in the time at any one of these spots. But at the end of the day, I decided to focus my fishing close to home, that way I could fish very frequently, without burning up to much gas on long drives.

So after that, there was just one thing left to do. It was time to pound that sand and cast baits until my arms fell off.


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