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Surf Perch Roundup Derby 8-21-21

I avoid driving like I avoid drinking pee. I don't like driving. But, in this episode, I drive to Santa Maria for the Surf Perch Roundup Derby. There was a red tide, so Jason and I decided to drive north to Cayucos, where we discovered the water was still red, and the fish were not biting. So we drove further to San Simeon, where we found beautiful clear blue water. After a while of casting with very little action, I found one small section of the beach with a dirty patch of water where currents were colliding and creating a large choppy rip current. I had a feeling the fish were in there but quickly discovered that my Carolina Rig was getting fouled because there was too much loose seaweed in that water. So I did what I always do when I want to fish dirty water. I tied on a Texas Rig. But this time, it was not a big 5" with 5/0 hook for halibut fishing. I used a small 3" rib bait with a 1/0 ewg hook. I used 3/8oz bullet weight as ussual. As soon as I got the bait tied on, I started making casts. No time to waste, the day was getting late and there was a perch derby to win! Almost immediately, I started getting bites! I managed to land a couple of nice ones pretty quickly.


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