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Fishing Firsts w/ Lee Almeda 6-25-21

Today I go fishing with Lee Almeda. Lee is from Ventura. He reaaaaaally wanted to catch his first halibut from shore and he promised to keep my spot a secret.

You know, it’s fun to catch fish. But I’m getting to a point now where it’s even funner to help someone else have the experience for the first time. Especially if they are super motivated like Lee. Lee is really willing to fish long hours and put in the time for that lucky bite.

So after giving Lee some tips to just keep the bait low and slow and steady, we both go to casting and it was not long before I got my first big thump.

I really wanted to Lee to catch his first halibut... So after some time Lee had not caught a halibut but he did connect with this…This Yellowfin Croaker was a surprise because I've never caught one in the spot and it ate a really big hook.

Right after Lee released the yfc, he got back to fishing and then hooked up with something exciting.

Lee got snagged on the bottom. I probably would have just wrapped the around my hand and yanked. But I watched and could not believe my eyes as he waded out further and further and further to a depth i would never think about going, and he actually got his bait unsnapped and then walked back out. Blew my mind.

Something so strange happened. Lee got snagged on something and then discovered it was a braid fishing line. He managed to recover it and then realized it was the same fishing line he had lost earlier in the day!

So after about 6 hours of halibut fishing, we decided to give up on that spot and headed to a different beach. As soon as we arrived, the bite was wide open.

The problem with retrieving TOO slowly is that you risk getting snagged. I think the current bows your line and wraps it around rocks.

As I said before, there’s something really fun about helping someone catch a fish for the first time. See ya next time guys.

Cast away your fears. Chase your dreams.


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