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Jason Hill's 4-Foot White Sea Bass!

This one is especially exciting for me to report. Jason Hill is one of my best friends. He was one of the first guys I ever started surf fishing with.

Jason started surf fishing over a decade ago and was exclusively targetting surf perch. He didn't realize there were bigger, more monstery fish within reach in the surf zone. Then he discovered California Surf Fishing Group on Facebook, and VINCEGOESFISHING on Youtube. I saw he was fishing with another mutual friend of mine so we started chatting and started fishing together. I have videos of Jason catching his first halibut, his first fish on a Jerkbait, and so many more awesome memories we have made together.

Well, there's one dream we have always shared, and that's catching a 4 foot White Sea Bass. This is something we always remain prepared for at all times. The 30lb braid, carefully tying and testing our knots, checking our drag to make sure it's set for that one special bite!

Jason has been pounding the sand early before work, and late after he clocks out. Lately, he has been slaying tons of striped bass, some beautiful halibut and calico bass, but when this fish came up... we were all taken back! This is truly a moment in California surf fishing history for all of us, and I can't be more happy that JASON nailed this fish! No less, on a Battlestar XLS 3/8oz Weighted Swimbait Hook!

Now, enjoy the awesome storytelling, in Jason's own words, as it was published on by Nick Heid.

Also, a big shout out and thank you to Gary Kazazian (author of California Surf Fishing - The Hunt For Big Fish). He raced to the beach to shoot and edit this video of Jason holding his trophy fish, so we can all experience this moment!

I think it's really wonderful the way the surf fishing community comes together. We make friends, learn from each other, and fish with our buddies. We are there for each other through good times and weird times, accept each other as humans, and love each other as friends. We celebrate each other's catches, and we do all we can to help each other in every way we can. That's the power of the bonds we form, based on trust and respect, through surf fishing. Like my friend Edward Tomilloso says, "Your best friends are out there and you haven't even met them yet."

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Check out these other fun memories of fishing with Jason Hill on the VINCE GOES FISHING YouTube channel.


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