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Rock Fishing In The Rain

I stopped raining for a few days. The water cleared up. I saw a couple days of tiny waves which told me it was time to go rock fishing. The second day of calm waves was also the first day of the new storm, so it would start raining around 1pm. Waves would remain small. Low tide at 5:30pm, sunset around 6pm. So I got prepared and hit the road. Started fishing around 1pm. Unfortunately, I ran out of magic thread, so I really wasn’t sure how to hook the bait and keep it on the hook. I wasted a lot of bait. Then I got the idea to try using a braided fishing line as bait thread. It worked! I immediately caught a fish on the next cast. Fishing was slow overall but I ended the day with a black perch, a grassy rockfish, and a black & yellow rockfish. So now I’ll stock back up on magic three and bait hooks and weights, I’ll be prepared the next time conditions look good.

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