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Second Day Fishing, I Moved To San Luis Obispo

I moved to San Luis Obispo on 3/29/22. Lots of settling in and scouting to do. Today's episode is footage from my second day of fishing, as I scout a new beach and rocky point.

Here you see a Halibut Fisherman from south of point conception, beginning to adjust to a northern fishery. It will prove to be a very painful transition, but there are exciting discoveries ahead that will provide plenty of redemption. The water is 52 degrees. With that in mind, I get about halfway through this session and begin to ask myself if I should even be thinking about halibut. That was a good instinct. But what DOES bite in cold water? And what lives around here? In future episodes, you will see me battle withdrawals from my addiction to halibut fishing, and simultaneously fall in love with the insane barred surf perch fishery we have here, and the rock fishing! It will take me about 1 year to get dialed in. The following videos is one of my steps forward on that adventure. One of my first lessons, seen in this video, is to be careful! The waves are no joke on these reefy points. It may seem safe for a long period of time, and then suddenly a rouge wave can sneak up and wash out the entire reef! Be careful out there guys!

If you recognize the spot, please don’t mention it in the comments. Keep it in a private message between you and your fishing buddies. This is our opportunity to create balance and develop friendships based on trust and respect.


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