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30.5” Winter Halibut Texas Rig Swimbait in Santa Barbara

If you recognize the spot, please don’t mention it in the comments. Keep it in a private message between you and your fishing buddies. This is our opportunity to create balance and develop friendships based on trust and respect. Somehow, whenever I go fishing with Gary Kazazian, I always manage to get into a lot of fish, and catch a really big halibut! He's just got that alien essence. I highly recommend reading his book California Surf Fishing - The Hunt For Big Fish. Gary and I went on a mission at low tide to access one of our favorite beaches. This was late winter, January 29 2022. Two months later I would be moving to San Luis Obispo, so I was really grateful to end my time in Santa Barbara with this trophy catch and to begin my new season of fishing with it under my belt.


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