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Battlestar Sun Gaiters NOW SHIPPING!

When I started surf fishing, I quickly noticed that 4 hours spent under the sun, and over the water, was baking my face like a red lobster bisque. Initially, I started drenching my face in a thick layer of sunblock. But, I had some problems with this... 1 - I don't like sunblock. I have read articles online warning that sunblock is unhealthy, and contains chemicals that may be terrible for your health. 2 - Sunblock smells weird. I don't want the smell of sunblock on my hands and on my baits. I worry that fish will smell a residue of sunblock on my lure and then avoid biting it at the last second. I work too hard searching for that one important bite, to take a chance of losing it like this. 3 - Sunblock, when mixed with sweat or splashed with seawater, runs down my face and gets into my eyes. It stings. It's terrible... there must be a better way. So I quickly realized, I could replace liquid sunblock with gear. All I needed was a Sun Gaiter, a Performance Fishing Jersey, and a pair of Fishing Gloves (coming soon!)

I had one more problem... as I began collecting and wearing Sun Gaiters, I noticed that when I wore them with my glasses, my breath would fog up my glasses and make it impossible to see. It's really annoying! So I decided, when the time came, I would make a breathable gaiter. So my breath would pass through the breathable holes, and prevent it from fogging up my glasses.

So, in my determined mission to create products that solve my problems at surf fishing, and share them with you, we now introducing the Battlestar Breathable Sun Gaiter! Available in 4 colors Red, White, Black, Light Blue, and One-Size-Fits-All. These Sun Buffs have holes over your mouth so they are breathable.

Get them now at and use code CSF for 10% off. In the future, we will make these available at all of our authorized dealer tackle shops! So be sure to ask your local tackle shop for Battlestar Tackle!


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