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Limit in 30 mins! Perch Fishing with @Hook2Cook

On Thursday, I believe we created the best central coast perch fishing video on YouTube! I'm talking about Edward Tomilloso's (Hook2Cook) most recent episode. I caught my limit in 30 minutes! Absolute fire bite. Epic videography is happening at the same time. We put a GoPro cam on my action hat and a drone in the air. I got on a hot perch bite with the Battlestar 115! During this hot bite, you get to see what the water/structure looks like from an aerial view and from a fisherman’s view. The experience was a breakthrough for me. I now understand where to cast, and when to cast. I’m 100% more confident in my perch fishing now. I learned this: Find a big cut (hole/rip current) on the beach, which has an adjacent sand bar within casting range from shore. Fish the sand bar. And also: Time your cast to the waves! When a set of waves come through, cast over the first wave, and work your bait over the sand bar as the second and third waves pass over your bait. This resulted in a wide-open bite. I caught many of these slab perch on consecutive casts. Enjoy this episode of VINCE GOES FISHING! And remember to search YouTube for the latest Hook2Cook video for his footage of this same day. We are all learning together at California Surf Fishing (CSF) Visit for CSF Merch, Battlestar Tackle, Surf Fishing Books, Free CSF stickers, and more. All fish caught on the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait.

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