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Perch Pouch Now Shipping!

The Perch Pouch is a new invention brought to you by Hook2Cook, to help you manage your catch of perch in the surf zone!

Now we have the opportunity to bless Edward Tomilloso! Let's thank him for all of the great videos and helpful tips he shares on this Youtube Channel Hook2Cook. Enjoy this awesome new product the Perch Pouch which he designed to help solve some of our problems out there while surf fishing.

Measure fish up to 18" long, and the bag itself is 22" long, so if you happen to catch a halibut, you can use it to make sure the fish is over legal size. Now you won't get spiked in the waders by fish spines as sometimes happens when keeping fish on a stringer. This also prevents a tripping hazard.

The weight of the fish will be comfortably carried on your hip instead of the shoulder straps of your backpack.

You won't have to slow down to put your fish in a backpack or cooler. Bleed your perch in the pouch, the pouch is ventilated to allow cool ocean water to circulate in the pouch, and the fish stay in good shape for excellent catch photos later, in your Perch Pouch!

Learn more about the development and launch of this awesome new product by watching the videos below.

Get your Perch Pouch now!


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