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3rd Quarter 2023 California Surf Fishing (CSF) Updates

Well folks, it's Oct 2023, and this year is delivering as promised! With a few exceptions… But overall, we’re experiencing record California surf-catching! Anglers who are new to the sport are experiencing many firsts, and our most experienced surf casters are hauling in record numbers and quality fish. Now it’s time to celebrate our 3rd quarter, 2023 member catches!

Striped Bass

As you probably already know, the California Surf has been loaded with Striped Bass ever since the heavy rains of winter 2022/spring 2023.

"Mid-July 2023, A friend named Sam asked if I would go fishing with them on his son's 14th birthday. We got the spot. We got the tide and the time. And we got the fish! Happy 14th Birthday Moses Moreno! It was such an honor to take you guys out and get you on some fish. I'm so glad the fish cooperated on this day." - VINCE GOES FISHING


Congratulations to Michael Labucay of

Michael Labucay of @MikesTackleBox holding a 37" Striped Bass he caught on his signature color pattern of the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait.
Michael Labucay of @MikesTackleBox holding a 37" Striped Bass he caught on his signature color pattern of the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait.

Battlestar Tackle released Mike’s signature color this week, YELLOW HEAD BLUE STARDINE, and the very next day, Mike caught a 37” Striped Bass on his own bait! How cool, right? See this action for yourself! Subscribe on

Here is a great tip for how to land these fish, or any fish in the surf for that matter, as Edward Tomilloso ( and I shared in his recent Youtube video “6 Mistakes New Surf Anglers Make” starting at 17:10.

Stripers are our only non-native predators on the West Coast shore, so it’s quite interesting to see how this species is naturalizing, populating, and invading new territory at such a rapid rate. They’ve been in north/central waters for over a hundred years, but for the first time ever we are seeing record numbers moving further and further south. Certainly, the heavy rains promote this. So we can expect more and more striped bass to be introduced on sufficiently wet years.

This creates exciting opportunities for fishermen. It also stimulates a lot of curiosity and a bit of concern. What effect will this species have on the southern shallow-water ecosystems? We all have our fingers crossed, and we’re rooting for a healthy coexistence to ensure healthy fish populations for generations to come. The prospect of an additional sport fish is undeniably exciting for any fisherman. In any event, we can predict that these fish will continue to adapt and populate like weeds, providing us with an abundance of sporty, hard-fighting, delicious fish. There’s a lot of them out there, so if you’ve never caught one, this year and next year should be a great opportunity to do so. Do your homework. Study up by reading articles and watching YouTube videos. Ask your questions in our Facebook Group California Surf Fishing (CSF). Then get out there and give it your all, again and again until the magic happens!

However you feel about the so-called "alien invasion" of Striped Bass in the central and southern California surf, we ask that you please stay objective and continue to make observations and share them with us in our group on Facebook, so we can continue to be responsible stewards of the California surf, which we all love and depend on.


Surf Perch

As usual, there’s some incredible Surf Perch fishing to be had along the California coast this year.

Congratulations to everyone who is enjoying the awesome Surf Perch fishery that our California coastline has to offer. I'm not sure I can describe it, in a way that anyone can understand, without having the experience themself. Until you feel the power and head shakes of a big Barred Surf Perch chewing on the tail of your favorite jerkbait. Until then.


We are witnessing some interesting events here in south San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties which are worth mentioning, however.

Here in South SLO, we experienced some shockingly slow windows at times. Right when we expected to find the large females popping out babies in the shallow troughs of Pismo, they were nowhere to be found. Aside from a random big one here and there, they just didn’t hit through the spawning season this year like they did during previous years.

It began in spring when we noticed that we were catching striped bass consistently, but practically no perch. At this time, I was looking for ways to promote the #KeepFishInTheWater initiative. So I recorded this video.

Sometimes, it was as if the schools of large perch had completely vacated the beach. On multiple occasions, I personally spent upwards of 4 to 6 hours combing 5 miles of beach with perch grubs and jerkbaits only to come up empty-handed. This is a real contrast from what we experienced the prior summer, as you can see here on this YouTube Playlist Barred Surf Perch, Oceano CA, Summer 2022, @VINCEGOESFISHING.

At times this summer, there were no other fishermen on the beach. At this time I became really concerned. At this same time, for at least a while, the big perch were hitting hard down in Santa Barbara and Ventura, leaving us wondering if they had been displaced by the novel presence of Striped Bass, and herded off of their native beaches.

In late summer, the stripers suddenly disappeared from South County SLO, and the Perch soon returned. From 12” to 16” and some even larger models. The perch were back and the bite was on. What a relief!

The return of our favorite SLO county sport fish to our northern beaches of Oceano was refreshing to say the least. We wondered and asked each other, "where did the stripers go?" Well… I won’t say too much yet, but here’s a peek into our 4th quarter CSF update… We found them staging right around the corner from a major freshwater outlet. It was reported by one fisherman that about 100 Striped Bass were caught one morning, on a single beach! Interestingly, hardly any Perch were caught on that same beach that day. But, we’ll have to stay tuned to see how this evolves. We’ll report more on this after the new year.

It’s a bit early to form any empirical conclusions regarding the relationship between Striped Bass and Perch, and if "the greatest surf perch fishery in the world" of south San Luis Obispo County can continue to thrive in the presence of this succeeding alien species. For all we know, our observations may be the result of some other conditions altogether. So again, regardless of your opinion or feelings on this subject, we ask that you please remain objective, and share your observations in our Facebook group California Surf Fishing (CSF). And most importantly, enjoy the fishing!


Congratulations, new member Robert Kearl on his recent first-ever surf fishing experience.

Robert joined the group weeks ago with a burning fever to go surf fishing. He quickly became our most frequent contributor in the group, with many posts and comments. Robert posted questions and based on our council here in the CSF group, he bought a rod and reel and baits. He was preparing for a trip to the beach. The only problem, he lives in Utah. So, this week Robert drove 9 hours to San Luis Obispo County, where I had the pleasure of trying to get him on some fish.

Day 1 was rough for Robert. We walked out 3 miles to get to the best structure on the beach. Robert caught his first perch (the tiniest you’ve ever seen) and a Jack-Smelt. No skunk! But, he watched me slay 6 slabs, and so he was feeling a bit frustrated and exhausted after the 3-mile hike back. Yet I never heard him complain. Rather he was so grateful for the experience.

Day 2, we pulled out all the stops. We hiked a total of 7 miles to try a different beach. It paid off! Robert quickly harvested a limit of big beautiful perch on jerkbait and Carolina rig. He used the Battlestar 115, Glow Green Mackerel, and a FlipFlopsNSocks 2” Paddletail, Motoroil.

As our rods began to bend again and again we got more and more excited about what was happening. We had accomplished our goal. We got Robert on a hot bite with some big perch. He had a world-class California surf fishing experience.

The walk back was brutal! But after a crush like that, our spirits were so light, I think it helped carry us. I once heard Ed from @hook2cook say, “Friends don’t let friends skunk.”


A particularly fun and memorable Perch bite for me this year was on Sept 15th.

Battlestar has now released Replacement Treble Hooks made specifically for your favorite jerkbait, the Battlestar 115! 2X are the stock hooks. 3X are a heavier version intended for more powerful fish like Striped Bass, or trophy sized White Sea Bass and Halibut.

Also, grab a pair of these Battlestar Mini Split Ring Pliers which feature tiny jaws and force you to use the very tip of the pliers which helps to prevent malforming the split rings. Always fish with new, razor-sharp hooks! It makes a big difference in hooksets and after all, one bite can make the difference between losing or landing the #1 trophy fish of a lifetime!

Have you seen the Perch Pouch?

The Perch Pouch was invented by Edward Tomilloso from It solves many problems. First of all, you no longer have a stringer wrapping around your feet while fishing. It also keeps your fish in really good shape. They look beautiful coming out of the pouch even after many hours of fishing. This helps create beautiful catch photos for your fishing report.

My favorite thing about the Perch Pouch is, that I can scale and gut my Perch as soon as I catch them, then just drop them in the perch pouch, so I no longer have to clean fish when I get back home. This is a major lifestyle improvement. Enjoy the Perch Pouch. These will make excellent Christmas gifts this year so buy a few extras.


Congratulations to all participants of the ‘More Than Fishing Surf Perch Tournament'!

The guys take this Surf Perch Tournament pretty seriously. They push themselves to the limit for three days in a row for a chance at taking the trophy. The tournament is fished in teams of 2 and this year it took place on October 6-8. Last year the tournament winner was a team of 1 (because he couldn't find a willing partner). Geo Saniatan of GeoFishTV and creator of Got 'Em baits.

To follow the biggest Surf Perch Tournament in the world, save this link:

Sub to Jun's YouTube Channel: This year, I saw a lot of dedicated Surf Perch fishermen preparing for this tournament. I heard them talking about it. I sold and sponsored them plenty of Battlestar 115 jerkbaits so they could get out there and have the best chance at catching the trophy-sized Surf Perch that it takes to win this thing.

On the last day, one fisherman who was in the right place at the right time, got the bite of a lifetime. And it put their team over the top.

Watch this amazing video of the moment Geo Saniatan caught the winning 18" Barred Surf Perch!

Wow! That fish is close to a world record size! And the winners are….

Congratulations Team Dink Chasers! (Geo Saniatan and Toui Keonoi)

I've said it before. These two are the best Surf Perch fishermen on the central coast. The trophy rightfully goes to them! On this day Geo Saniatan fished the Lucky Craft 115, and Toui Keonoi fished the Battlestar 115. They worked as a team, and won this tournament! I think it's one of the coolest things I've ever seen in California surf fishing history. In second place,

Congratulations Team 805 Underdogs! (Edward Tomilloso and Martin Mansera)

These guys worked really hard. They started chomping at the heels of first place. Then, on day two they fell back several positions. Then, on the last day, they charged back to second place! What they accomplished is as good as a first-place win in my opinion. Let's remember to congratulate them to the fullest! During this tournament, Edward and Martin fished the Battlestar 115 Jerkbait. An honorary congratulations to third-place winners, team BlackBaits (Andrew Arriola & Dante Carnessale). These are some really talented fishermen. I had the pleasure of meeting them on the sand this year. Blacks Baits are a new brand of jerkbait that was introduced in the California Surf Fishing community this year. So far they have earned a good reputation. The fact that this team won third place is proof that this bait can get the job done, and proof that Andrew and Dante work really hard on the sand.

Register for, or follow next year's Surf Perch Tournament on

It's a blast watching these guys fish their hardest for 3 days for a chance to win. In the last two years, the winning teams fished in Southern San Luis Obispo County, which shows just how special our perch fishery is in this area. This year, the best catching came from the southern end of this zone. This is consistent with the previous year, and the known life cycle of Barred Surf Perch, and where we tend to find the big ones in spring/summer versus in fall/winter. Understanding The Bared Surf Perch Life Cycle During the winter months, the adult Barred Surf Perch move to deeper waters. For example, in San Luis Obispo, our southernmost beaches are steeper and deeper. The Perch prefer this in winter because the ocean is colder and rougher during this time, making it less favorable for them to stay on the shallow beaches. In the winter, target large sized Barred Surf Perch on your steeper deeper beaches. They stay in these deeper waters until the spring.

In the spring, as the ocean temperatures start to rise and the weather becomes milder, the adult Surf Perch begin to migrate back towards the shallowest beaches. They do this because the conditions near the beach become more suitable for spawning as well as feeding. This is why more perch are typically caught on the shallow beaches of Pismo in the summer months. To me, it makes sense that the pregnant females would want to pop out all of their babies in the shallowest, hardest-to-reach troughs, to protect the babies from being easily accessed by predators. The shallow beaches tend to feature networks of shallow troughs with smaller cuts, and in some cases even large isolated holes that are walled off by sandbars on all sides. A perfect baby Surf Perch nursery. Something I have noticed is that here in south San Luis Obispo, regardless of the season, you can always find big perch on the steeper deeper beaches in the south. Unlike the shallower beaches of Pismo on the north end of this range, which tend to produce better during the spring/summer season than they do in the winter. Perhaps this information can be translated and applied effectively in your own county, wherever you are. Please share your observations and fishing reports on our Facebook Group California Surf Fishing (CSF).



There are a lot of different kinds of grubs that you can use to catch Surf Perch. They all work, and I have fun experiencing them all. Many of these are made by hand in the homes and garages of our own California Surf Fishing (CSF) members. Please support them all. Enjoy these baits!

Got 'Em Baits, Crawdad, Synthetic Oil

Created by Geo Saniatan, champion of the 'More Than Fishing Surf Perch Tournament' two years in a row.

Got 'Em Baits, Crawdad, Synthetic Oil
Got 'Em Baits, Crawdad, Synthetic Oil

FlipFlop N'Socks Perch Baits

Created by Toui Keonoi, champion of the 'More Than Fishing Surf Perch Tournament' 2023 (Team Dink Chasers), and the 2021 Surf Perch Roundup Tournament.

FlipFlop N'Socks, 2" Phat Paddletail, Motor Oil
FlipFlop N'Socks, 2" Phat Paddletail, Motor Oil

Sierra Slammers Mini Swims

"Sierra Slammers offers a selection of soft plastic baits and jig heads. We set out to make the best trout jigs back in 2012, then expanded beyond trout lures to perch lures, bass baits and more."

Sierra Slammers, Mini Swim, Spawning Sandcrab
Sierra Slammers, Mini Swim, Spawning Sandcrab

Waxsmith Baits

Hyperfuel - Intense green to red (and all the in-betweens!) hyper-shift color with a motor oil base and small red and green flake. Our flagship color.

Waxsmith Baits, Hyperfuel
Waxsmith Baits, Hyperfuel

805 Custom Baits

The 2" custom recipe "Motor Oil Red" curly tail grub is a great alternative to our paddle tail and also an awesome producer.

805 Custom Baits 2" Motor Oil Red Curly Tail Grub
805 Custom Baits 2" Motor Oil Red Curly Tail Grub

HoneyBadger Baits

Created by legendary Surf Perch fisherman and creator of the HoneyBadger Baits, Glen Saldivar. With a wide selection of interesting designs, these baits have a great reputation for a reason; they catch fish.

HoneyBadgerBait Super Slayer Perch Bait
HoneyBadgerBait Super Slayer Perch Bait



Halibut fishing has been a little different than usual this year as well. Many experienced Halibut fishermen in Santa Barbara and Ventura are reporting slower fishing than usual. At the same time, we are seeing some mega-sized catches coming further south, with some awesome reports coming from LA, OC, SD, and Baja. And here in South SLO county, we experienced an extraordinary rush of Halibut on some west-facing Sandy Beaches. We can only wonder why the Halibut were allegedly not hitting like they usually do in SB and VT counties. Perhaps they repositioned? Well, in any event, it’s not too late! Fall is my favorite time to be Halibut fishing, so please get out there! Let’s score some flatties and come up in this 4th Quarter of 2023, before the winter North storm swells hit and water temps drop.

Congratulations to member German Guerra! He caught a 35” Halibut while fishing a swimbait armed with a Battlestar XLS Weighted Swimbait hook. As he tells the story:

"I went to 4 beaches and couldn't find the conditions I like. This was literally the last spot I was gonna hit before heading out to eat with my girl. I walked the beach a bit and found a spot that had a nice stretch of sand between some structure. I waited for the waves to settle down and started casting. I pulled out 3 including a 22 incher. Then, boom! This guy hit. I reeled him about 10 feet before he realized what was going on and then he took off to the right. I started following him trying to stay in front of him. He managed to turn around and went on a biiiiig run. He finally tired out and I reeled him in to maybe 8 feet away from me and we had a huge back-and-forth tug of war for a few minutes."

CSF member German Guerra caught this 35" Halibut.
German Guerra 35" Halibut

And WOW, check out this 37” Halibut caught by Jesse Jansen! Jesse gives thanks to his surf fishing mentor David Siordia. This is a real trophy fish and we congratulate you Jesse!

CSF Member Jesse Jansen caught this 37" Halibut
Jesse Jansen 37" Halibut

Would you like to learn how to catch Halibut like this? Check out this YouTube video from @Hook2Cook called 🎣 California Halibut Fishing From Shore: Unlocking the Secrets of Weedless Swimbaits. There are some really good tips in this video.

For more great advice on how to find good spots, and how to fish with lures or bait for big trophy-sized fish in the California surf, you gotta read this book, California Surf Fishing - The Hunt For Big Fish by Gary Kazazian.

Gary Kazazian also recently released his new Halibut bait called Double Trouble. Check it out. It features two long shank weedless hooks that connect together, to help ensure you get the hookset on short bites. It looks tasty. Give it a go!

Follow Gary and his twin brother Kaspar Kazazian on Instagram @CaliforniaSurfFishing to see the really impressive steady flow of trophy fish they catch.


Would you like to help maximize the number of big sport fish in the California Surf? Support this #KEEPFISHINTHEWATER initiative. If you catch a short Halibut or White Seabass, or if you do not intend to kill and keep the fish, then please, keep the fish in or over the water while photographing it, prior to a quick, safe release. Wouldn’t you agree, that fish look a lot cooler in the water, than they do laying on a Fish Measure Tape covered in sand? You can prevent brain damage, slime coat removal, and tail rot, simply by keeping the fish in the water, or holding them over the water while taking photos. You can get more beautiful photographs, and release the fish a lot quicker this way. Give it a try and let us know how it goes, and if you feel good about handling fish this way.

#KeepFishInTheWater - Help conserve our fish populations. Save and share this meme.

#KeepFishInTheWater help conserve our native fish populations for healthy abundant fish populations and sport fishing.

White Sea Bass

This year we are also seeing an influx of juvenile White Sea Bass in the surf zone. Fishermen south of Point Conception have been yanking them up left and right. This is probably due to the CA Fish and Wildlife, Ocean Enhancement program.

The Ocean Enhancement Validation is added to your fishing license for about $7. "For Southern California saltwater fishing only. An Ocean Enhancement Validation is required only when fishing in ocean waters south of Point Arguello (Santa Barbara County)." They are doing a great job of raising and releasing large quantities of White Sea Bass. We’d like to remind you that these are also a precious resource and ask that you please treat these fragile babies with a lot of TLC. #KEEPFISHINTHEWATER

White Sea Bass do not last long out of the water so they must be released quickly or they will go belly up. We really want to see these little guys grow to maturity. Personally, if I could somehow avoid catching juvenile White Sea Bass, I would do it. If I got into a school of these little guys, I would probably stop fishing and move to a different location. That’s how important it is to me that we conserve this precious resource. Now let's check out some of the lucky White Sea Bass bites our members got during this 3rd quarter of 2023.

Jesse Jansen caught this 40" White Sea Bass
Jesse Jansen White Sea Bass

Big congratulations to Jesse Jansen on some amazing catches this year, including this 40" White Sea Bass!

CSF member Miroslav Matic caught this White Sea Bass.
Miroslav Matic White Sea Bass

Miroslav Matic "Mick The Stick" with a really nice White Sea Bass. Perhaps the rarest and most treasured catch in the California Surf. Way to go Mickey! July 11, 2023

"Mick The Stick" caught this 33" White Sea Bass
Mick The Stick White Sea Bass

"Mick The Stick" also caught this 33" White Sea Bass in late August. WOW! Way to go Mickey!

CSF Member Thibault Robert caught this nice big White Sea Bass (his first ever) on a Battlestar 115, Glow Cherry Chovy.
Thibault Robert White Sea Bass

Not surf caught, but too good not to share. CSF Member Thibault Robert caught this nice big White Sea Bass (his first ever) on a Battlestar 115, Glow Cherry Chovy.


Introducing, Battlestar 5” Rib Baits, NOW SHIPPING!

This is the most exciting development in new Surf Fishing lures in 2023. Quick story…

During my first two years of learning about Halibut fishing, I quickly learned that Texas Rig Swimbaits are the most weedless way to fish, and often the only way to get presentable baits in front of fish, when the water is dirty.

One problem with the Texas Rig Swimbait was that I was missing a lot of hooksets due to burying the hook tip in plastic. I experimented with every kind of weighted swimbait hook to find which hook got the best hookset. I discovered that an Xtra Long Shank hook made by VMC was outperforming the others by a large margin. By burying the hook tip in just a couple of ribs on my ribbed swimbaits, I could keep the hook tip weedless, protected by the rib which was positioned directly in front of the hook tip. This was it! I could finally chuck my baits into the thickest structure, even when water was dirty, and I was coming up with a solid hookset 9 out of 10 times.

But the VMC version of this hook was too light, and as a result, I was using larger bullet weights and was snagging and losing several rigs per fishing session. To prevent snagging, I knew I needed this hook with more weight on the shank of the hook.

So after a lot of experimenting, we got the design dialed in and produced the Battlestar XLS Weighted Swimbait Hook. Armed with the same VMC 5/0 hook, the Battlestar XLS features a bit more lead on the hook shank. Available in 1/4oz, 3/8oz, and 1/2oz, this places the weight further back on the bait and balances it to swim horizontally rather than nose-dive vertically. Immediately, we solved the snagging issue. I haven’t lost more than a few of these hooks since they were released this year. It’s really amazing!

My final frustration was with the Swimbait itself. I had been using a Keitech 4.8” FAT Swing Impact, and I always wondered why they did not include ribs through the groove, so we could bury the hook tip in a couple of ribs right there in the groove. I also found that the tails were too thin and often got torn off right where the hook penetrated the tail. So, we created a new mold, and the Battlestar 5” Rib Bait is now shipping! Now, introducing the most weedless swimbait with the best hooksets, made specifically for surf fishing in the California surf zone; Battlestar 5" Rib Bait.

Battlestar 5” Rib Baits feature the original invention Rib-Through-Groove ® design. Rig this bait Texas Rig style using the 5/0 Battlestar XLS Weighted Swimbait Hook. Bury the hook tip under one or two of the ribs inside the groove. Your hook tip will stay secured in the groove and protected from loose weeds and debris by the rib located directly in front of it.

This Rib-Through-Groove® design is replicated on the bottom of the bait as well, so you can easily twist the bait on the spring bait keeper 180 degrees, then re-insert the hook to use the second groove. The Battlestar 5" Rib Bait also features a bulge in the tail where the hook penetrates, to add additional integrity to the tail. We also made the plastic a bit more durable, as I have always complained that the Keitechs were too soft.

Each pack contains 8 pieces for $9.99, and they come in 6 completely hunger-inducing, mouth-watering, must-have, put-it-in-my-mouth colors, with a focus on Halibut and Striped Bass.

As soon as these baits arrived, I went out and caught this beautiful 27” Halibut.

And now... it's your turn to catch one... wouldn't you agree?

I am SO PUMPED for you to discover the incredible advantage of the Battlestar Rib-Through-Groove®, 5” Rib Baits. Combined with the Battlestar XLS Weighted Swimbait Hook, These are without a doubt, the most weedless, most snagless swimbaits with the best hooksets! You’re welcome, and thank you! Please tag @BattlestarTackle on your fishing reports so we can see your catches and celebrate with you! 🎣😀 SAVE ON SHIPPING, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL TACKLE SHOP

Eric’s Tackle, Ventura

Hook Line Sinker, Santa Barbara

The Outdoorsman, Arroyo Grande

Bob Sands Tackle, Van Nuys

Hyun’s Tackle Shop, Ventura

Blue Water Hunter, Santa Barbara

New Coastside Bait & Tackle, Pacifica

Bayside Marine, Santa Cruz

Central Coast Kayaks, Pismo Beach

Slugg Fishing, Poway

Anglers Tackle, Vista

Bob’s Bait Bucket, Bakersfield

Jim’s Pro Bass, Paso Robles

Bodega Tackle, Petaluma

Coyote Bait & Tackle, Coyote

Johnny's Sport Shop, Pasadena

Fish Story, Novato

Virg's Landing, Morro Bay

Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle, Oceanside

Cope's Tackle, Bakersfield

Fresno Bait & Tackle

Dana Landing, San Diego

Marina Bait & Tackle, Suisun City

Cosmos Sports, Los Angeles

East County Bait & Tackle, Lakeside

Ask your local tackle shop for Battlestar Tackle!


Other Interesting Catches

Here are some other interesting catches made by members of California Surf Fishing (CSF) during this 3rd quarter of 2023.

There certainly are a large variety of species to be caught in the California Surf. You never know what you’re gonna catch when you’re fishing in the ocean. A good time is guaranteed.


Why are seawater temps so warm on the California coast this year? “Marine heatwaves could occur along California's coast this year as scientists predict El Niño conditions to persist through February. El Niño is defined as warmer ocean temperatures that build up along the equatorial region of the Pacific Ocean. It can cause wet and warm winters on land and marine heatwaves.” - San Luis Tribune.

Does this mean we can expect another warm, wet winter on the California Coast? Another surge of watershed, river flow, and... Striped Bass?

Ahhhemmm, the short answer is... YES! Probably.

We'll see what happens! 🐟


Red Tide & Water Quality Report

Red Tide has been haunting us this year. It blankets some counties, and in others it comes and goes in small patches. “Harmful algal blooms, or HABs, occur when colonies of algae—plant-like organisms that live in the sea and freshwater—grow out of control while producing toxic or harmful effects on people, fish, shellfish, marine mammals, and birds. The human illnesses caused by HABs, though rare, can be debilitating or even fatal.”


Basically, Red Tide sucks. It generally puts down the fish, makes shellfish toxic, and even kills mammals.

Personally, I have had less luck in red water. I have noticed that when I find a clear patch of water surrounded by Red Tide, the clear water tends to produce bites. So if you see a lot of red water, it may be a good idea to keep moving until you find a good spot with clear water. On the other hand, we have seen some really nice catches come out of red water sometimes, and it has been said "fish gotta eat."

Red Tide and Water Quality Report

Each week we have a Red Tide and Water Quality Report posted in our Facebook Group California Surf Fishing (CSF). Contribute your reports. Share recent water quality observations, from your area.


Win a FREE set of 8Fans Fishing Waders!

Here is what you can do for a chance to win.

Visit our group on Facebook and look in the "Featured" posts section. Look for the post regarding "Win a FREE set of 8Fans Fishing Waders!" In the comments, post a favorite fishing photo, and share the whole story! Please expound! Spare no details. Planning, preparing, traveling, what season? What time of day? The weather? Conditions? Bait? What was going through your mind? How did it feel? Tell the story in detail so it’s like we were there experiencing it for ourselves! This will make it fun for our members to read your fishing story and see your photo.

The post/photo/story with the most likes on Nov 1st, wins! That individual will receive a free set of 8Fans Fishing Waders in the size of their choice.“

Feel free to invite your friends to join the CSF group and vote for you, by liking your comment. Or they can post a photo and story of their own, for a chance to win.

Big thanks to 8Fans, for offering this free set of waders! You can see their selection of waders and all their fine products at:

Ready, set, have fun, and good luck!


It’s New. It’s Blue. It’s only $1!

Blue California Surf Fishing (CSF) Sticker
Blue California Surf Fishing (CSF) Sticker

Grab your BLUE California Surf Fishing (CSF) sticker. Add one to your cart before checking out. Or if you have not yet subscribed to our email list, you can request one for free right here!


Looking ahead ...

That’s all for now folks. Here’s looking forward to a fun and productive 4th quarter of 2023, in the California surf zone! I'm really excited to see what happens next. And when that long rainy season arrives, and the water is brown like milk chocolate, I hope this content helps you to enjoy California surf fishing, even when you can't get out there. Be sure to JOIN US ON FACEBOOK. Ask your questions and share your fishing reports! Our #1 rule in this group is “Respect our members.” We do not tolerate any bullying or derogatory comments, so you are always safe to ask your silly questions, make beginner mistakes, and just "do you" here in the CSF group. I’ll make sure of that!

Thanks all!

-Vincent Alexander


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